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what you did is fantastic!


I really love this group especially Cory Daye. She was my favorite. I had paid over $45 (US) dollars to order a DVD compilation with different 70's disco videos and Chez, Chez La Femme was the video I wanted and I oordered it from Holland but it was worth the money. The band on others reminds me of my childhood growing up in Brooklyn, NY. Cory, where are you???? We missed you for years!


This is a brilliant, much-needed essay. Browder and Darnell remain criminally underrated lyricists and tunesmiths.
Thank you!

J P Ryan

Great, incisive (and so, so rare!) appreciation of one of the greatest bands to emerge during the 1970s, whatever the genre. I must add Dr B's first three classic albums - were by a perfect mix of personalities/artists, a BAND creating and as always likely frustrated by any band's constraints - no one has room for self-indulgence, major missteps, etc. Each member is essential to the whole (just like all great bands from the Armstrong's Hot 5s & 7s, to the Rolling Stones, to Pil circa "Metal Box"). Thus I think Dr B's Savannah Band is greater than the (pretty great) Kid Creole or Don Armando's Rhumba Band. I wonder that you didn't emphasize the 'mulatto' theme that is so much a part of the group's iconography and sense of itself!. Now if on;y, say, Rhino Handmade would issue a classy 'Collected Works' - what is my precious vinyl should scratch? And Those covers, especially the gatefolds for albums 2 and 3, are as meticiculous, integral, artful, witty, and revealing - almost - as the dazzling music within!


I can't tell you how great it was reading this!

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