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Kristen Gilmartin

YES! I was there too----you've described it all perfectly. Brian Mulligan's red face, I won't ever forget it. The semi-homeless man sitting in front of me that knew every note by heart, I won't ever forget it. Standing between urinals in the men's room with gold circle donor ladies in beaded gowns because there weren't enough women's bathrooms and laughing about it....seeing couples in black tie sprinting down exposition blvd at 8:05PM.........OMG! What an historic night.

Neil Sstannard

One minor correction: Kiera Duffy appeared in the stage-left box. That is, if standing on the stage facing the audience, she was to the left.

My favorite section is the one that begins Blicket auf and continues through the pianissimo chorus. Copland's comment that "never have so many been asked to give so little" is right on the money,and what an effect it is.

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